What is WPAP? Wedha's Pop Art Portrait is an native artwork come from Indonesia. It's an artwork made using sharp-straight lines, vibrant, and contrasting fills color. Wedha Abdul Rasyid (Founder), originally from Indonesia, created his artwork in traditional mediums early in the 1990s, which later in early 2000, being known into the digital world. It has a special characters to portray the object, where we'll find some full pop colored - square shape and doesn’t have any curves at all and outline on its object without disappearing it's original picture looks. This art is drew manually, not using any kinds of filter and instant application, every detail needs process and needs a great composition of colors. This artwork is a breakthrough of a pop art style, or broadly well-known as modern pop art style which come from Indonesia. It's the best suitable for your special gift, decoration, t-shirt design, profile photo, advertising, commercial business and many more. I was experienced in this style more than 3 years. I have passion to introduce this art around the world. Give a great service & make our client satisfied is our priority & our commitment for great business. So, if you interested to create your own Pop Art Portrait illustration using your own photo, please feel free to contact me, and i'll be in touch. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Adam Khabibi


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