FAQ: Buying on Expressboard

What happens after I place my order?
You will receive a payment receipt from us (Expressboard) powered by Stripe. It lists the items purchased, purchase price for each item and total price paid.
Where do I see all my orders?
You can mouse-over to the top right-hand corner on the header bar where the gearwheel icon is, and you will see the “My Orders” option on the drop-down menu. Click on it and you will be taken to “My orders” page where you can view all the orders. You will also get an email from us right after the purchase is made.
What should I if I decide to change the quantity (to purchase) for an item?
You simply click on the title of the item, and it will take you back to the item page where you can update the quantity of the item.
What happens if I do not receive an item after I make a purchase?
Usually, sellers will ship the item(s) as promised. In the case that when you do not receive an item after you make the payment, please use our message tool on Expressboard to communicate with the seller. Sometimes, it might be the wrong address on the shipping label when either party fills out the form or shipment label, or the shipping method may cause the delay of the shipment of the item. although not suggested, we do have a rating and commenting feature on each showcase item, you may also use them to address your problem there for the seller to take immediate action for the issue (in case the seller fails to respond the message). Note: please try to address your problem calmly and clearly so that the seller understands what goes wrong before he / she finds a solution to the problem. You can also email us at support@expressboard.com if you need further help.
What do I do if I want to request a refund or exchange of an item I purchased?
Currently, we do not have a refund feature on Expressboard, you may use the message tool to state your reason for return / refund / exchange to the seller. The seller should be able to honest your request if it meets the terms and conditions stated in the shipping and return policy for the item.
What should I do if I find the item received didnt match the the photo and/or description of the item?
In that case, please message the seller right away after you receive the item. Sometimes, the seller may ship out several items at the same time, and he / she may mistakenly put the wrong item in the box. You need to describe the item you received (model #, color, shape, features, etc.) and the item you purchased. The seller should be able to do an exchange and ship out the right item to you after the request. Please reach out to us at support@expressboard.com if necessary.
What should I do when the seller suggests conducting the transaction outside of Expressboard?
Sometimes, some sellers may elect to conduct a transaction outside of the Expressboard platform to avoid the fees. When this happens, we have no control over what the seller is selling, and we are not able to provide any help when something goes wrong. Therefore, please tell the seller to conduct the transaction on Expressboard to ensure a secure buying and selling environment. If you have further concerns about a transaction, please direct them to support@expressboard.com, and we are glad to help out!

If you have questions that weren't answered by the Guide, let our support team help you out.

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